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1.12.2022                 Rajat Shankhdhar joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome Rajat!

19.07.2022                Jan Rzepiela received the Best Poster Prize at the 7th International Workshop

                                   on Advanced Spectroscopy and Optical Materials where he presented his work                                             on optical thermometry and non-linear optical property of dicyanidoiridates(III)                                             based molecular materials. Congratulations Janek!

4.07.2022                  Adrian Błaszków joined Woźniak's team for a summer internship.

                                   Welcome  Adrian!

24.06.2022                Kamila Kutek, Małgorzata Pałyga, Ewa Myszka i Aleksander Hoffman                                                               successfully defended their M.Sc. thesis. Congratulations!

2.06.2022                  Ph.D. position avalaible in Woźniak Team click here

2.06.2022                  2 postdoctoral positions avalaible in Woźniak Team click here

2.06.2022                  Baś and Woźniak Teams recieved NCN Sonata Grants

2.06.2022                  The Group webiste is running!

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