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About Sebastian Baś


Sebastian Bas was born in Krakow in 1986. He studied chemistry at the Jagiellonian University (UJ) where he joined the Jacek Mlynarski group in 2009. A year later, he received an MSc degree in chemistry and in 2011 he graduated in engineering studies at the University of Science and Technology (AGH) in Krakow. In 2014, he completed his PhD studies at Jagiellonian University with a thesis entitled “Enantio- and diastereoselective reactions of hydroxyketones with aldehydes catalyzed by tertiary amines”. After that, he obtained the position of a scientific assistant at UJ, and in 2017 he was promoted to assistant professor at the Department of Organic Chemistry. He conducted a postdoctoral internship at The University of Tokyo in the prof. Shu Kobayashi group, where he worked on photoredox reactions and photocatalysis and became a member of the CSJ Chemical Society of Japan.  

Since 2016 he has been a visiting professor of ICOA at Université d'Orléan (France) and collaborates with the research group of Dr Cyril Nicolas and prof. Izabelle Gillaizeau directed toward developing new methods for heterocyclic synthesis and radical reactions focusing on reaction economy, selectivity, and eco-friendly processes.

In 2020 he collaborated with prof. Bartosz Grzybowski's group from the Institute of Organic Chemistry in Warsaw. He has been employed as a part-time scientific researcher in computer-planned organic synthesis and AI for reaction discovery.


His primary research interests include the total synthesis of natural products and bioactive compounds in an asymmetric manner, the development of novel, stereoselective reactions, and light-induced chemistry.

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